Cheetah Keyboard v5.15.1 Download | Latest Version (34.39 MB)


Cheetah Keyboard possesses almost every feature that a typical keyboard should possess. However, having attractive themes, this Keyboard makes your device a distinguishing one when compared to other keyboards. Cheetah Keyboard creates typing more precisely and cooler With AI prediction. There are gesture inputs in this keyboard. These gesture inputs are the reason behind your typing to be much funny by allowing users to move fingers from one letter to another letter. This keyboard has the ability to type voice. In addition, Keyboard is able to identify the word that is going to type and it predicts the precise word.

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How to Download and Install Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard 5.15.1 Download [34.39MB]

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  1. First, The Cheetah Keyboard should be downloaded.
  2. Tap on device settings, security settings, and tick unknown sources.cheetah keyboard latest version
  3. Then go to the folder of downloads and click on the downloaded keyboard.cheetah keyboard download
  4. Then, click the “install” button.cheetah keyboard for android
  5. Now you have successfully installed the keyboard

What is Cheetah Keyboard?

Cheetah Keyboard gives many wonderful features for Android. This particular application lets users modify their keyboard background with any type of image.

cheetah keyboard features

It also gives many identical sound effects for the keyboard sounds. Users can practice gesture typing along with many predictions, such as prediction of word and prediction of emoji.

This quality helps users to type quickly and precisely with auto-correction and swipe typing. The only thing users need to do is swipe a pattern in the alphabet. Then the keyboard will show the predicted word that you are going to type. In addition to that, users can make the keyboard according to their preferences.


Cheetah Keyboard gives several free themes that are specially created for users of Cheetah Keyboards. Here users can scan for all sorts of themes including black, 3D, skull, pink, red, purple and so on. All those themes are available freely.

Cheetah Keyboard is able to automatically detect writing style, plus frequently typing words, different phrases and expressions you like to practice may other interesting things. According to the information gathered, Cheetah Keyboard aid users to suggest the words you need to input in advance. Users can just move the finger and type one letter, and this Keyboard is able to do the rest of the activities.

This Keyboard gives users the ideas for word completion and they suggest the next word based on the word which was typed earlier. This keyboard is smart enough to identify typing errors and give ideas for correction.

Gesture with Swype input is a novel experience in typing. Write the texts just by swiping, sliding or gliding the screen.

when you don’t like to type, there is an option called voice input. Users can always allow Cheetah Keyboard to do that to you, the only thing required is to spell the words.

A more suitable clipboard is there to copy and paste texts.

The adjustable keyboard is available to change the keyboard’s height to match your requirements.

Safety and Legality

This app is safe to use and no safety issues and legal issues.

Final words

Besides thousands of awesome and free-of-charge keyboard themes, another thing that you’ll get is an amazing typing experience. Cheetah Keyboard is equipped with some of the best technologies for improving the typing experience.

Another thing that makes it stand out between tons of keyboard apps is the fact that this is actually one of the first keyboard apps that were 3D. We can all sometimes get tired of typing – whether if it was a long day or if we simply can’t focus on typing at the moment. That’s when Voice Input comes in handy.

Feel free to relax and just send voice messages. These days, everyone is using emojis to express their feelings and to lighten up messaging. Cheetah Keyboard makes this feature even greater for you as it suggests emojis based on your message content


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