Tasker APK 5.9 Download | Latest Version (8.71 MB)


Tasker apk performs tasks for user-defined profiles, home screen widgets with clickable or timer that are based on several contexts such as time, date, application, location, event, gesture, etc on Android Devices. Here the app allows users easy access without asking root permission.

Tasker apk supports both manually as well as automatically. Here it monitors all the procedures of your handset that based on context. Usually, the profile is a combination of meaning and a task.

tasker apk

How to Download and Install Tasker APK

Tasker_APK 5.9 Download [8.71MB]

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  1. To begin with, download the apk file from the above button.
  2. Then go to the settings of your Android device and allow Unknown Sources.tasker apk latest version
  3. Next, go to the download directory and open the downloaded apk file.tasker apk download
  4. Complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.tasker for android

What is Tasker APK?

Tasker apk is a wonderful application. It is a combination of thousands of possibilities, facilities, and from each update, those facilities may be removed, or new ones may be added. Here you can use this for several functions on your Android device, and let’s see a few of them.

tasker apk features

  • Includes  sensitive applications such as Passcode lock
  • Allows changing device settings based on application and time.
  • Random tunes with wakeup response 
  • Some other facilities such as “Text-to-speech,  read out loud for all the incoming SMS/ phone number, and WiFi/Bluetooth status
  • Automatically change home icons and wallpaper daily 
  • Gestures such as turn phone up and down to return to the home screen
  • Turn your device 90 degrees to the left then you can back to toggle speakerphone while you are in a call
  • Create a Home widget and many other facilities

Availability of Tasker Apk

Tasker apk was released in early 2010. At that time, users have the freedom to download the application freely. In November 2015, Tasker apk was removed from the Google Play store. The reason for that was “ Violating the Developer Programme Policy regarding Dangerous Products for system interference.

This issue occurred related to Doze and those applications Standby features. Here it used instead of blanket permission to avoid battery optimizations. Here Google supported in chats and other voice apps to allow permission in all Android smart devices to ignore the new battery optimization. This feature was introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Doze mode. But now the app is totally good to use without any issues.

Tasker App Factory

What is this Tasker App Factory? Here this builds by the developer of Tasker apk. Here Tasker projects support users to export them as standalone apps. 

As a result, the app can be given out and installed on related Android devices that the Tasker apk not installed although it cost a payment, the Tasker_App Factory is freely available in the Google Play store. Here apps that released through App Factory can distribute from Play store, and here it does not include licensing restrictions.


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