Mobizen Screen Recorder v3.7.3.11 Download | Latest Version (22.48 MB)


Mobizen Screen Recorder is a popular mobile device app that can be used to connect your Android to the computer, and it allows you to see all the things that are happening on your Android smartphone or tablet using the computer screen.

Now, this latest opportunity freely available for all the Android users and try it off. While this is probably the essential feature of Mobison, this is not the only available feature, and it comes with something more on that. Besides this sharing facility to the smartphone to the computer, it provides something more than such as the facility to taking screenshots, recording regarding things on your Android with different resolutions, frame rates, and other customizable settings.

mobizen screen recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder Download

Mobizen Screen Recorder Download [22.48MB]

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  1. Use the above button to download Mobizen Screen Recorder
  2. Then allow unknown sources to your Android device.mobizen screen recorder features
  3. Next, go to the downloaded APK file and open it.mobizen screen recorder download
  4. After that, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.mobizen screen recorder android

What is Mobizen Screen Recorder?

As above mentioned, Mobizen Screen Recorder is the best application that allows users to connect your Android device to PC and share everything on it to see what’s happening on it and see it on the computer screen. It offers a very simple interface, besides its vast number of features.

mobizen screen recorder

Another exciting thing that we should talk about this is the screen recording facility. This allows taking screenshots, recordings on your Android supported with plenty of opportunities. By the way, here it lets you manage all the files related to your Android by deleting, editing, as well as other shared facilities. This facility opens to the device’s hard drive, as well.

mobizen screen recorder features

Mobizen screen recorder offers a very simple interface, although it includes plenty of features. It comes with a user-friendly interface to make the user more comfortable. So users have no need to use complicated tutorials to get an idea about the application to move with it.

How to Record/Capture your Screen with Mobizen screen recorder

Here users have to expand the top header menu. Then click on the video recorded button to begin the recording. When you need to stop recording, tap on the record button to do it. 

How to Watch your Video with Mobizen screen recorder

If you have a success record and complete it, then you can see a notification display on the bottom left of the application.  This recorded file automatically saved in your PC as default. Here it allows you to copy the recorded file you the mobile, and here you have to click the download button. To find the downloaded video on your PC now, you can follow the below path.


How Do I Activate

When you launch the Mobizen application, then tap on the pop-up to begin  Booster mode. Now connect your smartphone, tablet to the PC. Here you can use a USB cable that comes default with the phone. Then tap on “Yes, I have.” Now follows instructions and press “Check Debugging,” and it allows you to enable DEVELOPER OPTIONS > USB DEBUGGING.

To start Mobizen, you have to launch the Mobizen app. Then tap on START and  Login with Google+/Facebook accounts.  Now users have to allow permission and tap on Done. here you can download it from official site and install it to the PC application


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