Remini APK 1.6.1 Photo Enhancer For Android Download


Remini Apk is one of the best photo editing apps for mobile photographers. This app can upgrade low-quality photographs captured from phones to a professional level. A Chinese application development company called Fengkun developed this app. Remini Apk is totally free for Android and also iPhones.

remini apk

How to use the Remini APK?

Enhance: Open the “Enhance” tab and select the photo you want to enhance. Then the automatic enhancement process starts. In the meantime, a 30-second ad will be played.

Video Enhance: Open the “Video Enhance” tab. Tap on the plus (+ ) icon to choose a video you wish to Enhance. Once you have uploaded the video, the video enhancement process begins.

Transform a picture into a painting:  Open the “ paint” tab. Next, press “Use It” at the bottom of the screen that opens. Then select an image. Now an automatic ad is playing on the screen. By the end of the AD, the painting process will be over.

Colorize a photo: It allows you to colorize your old photographs. It is not only for the Black & white images, but you can also use it with your color images. Go to the colorize tab and press “Use It” at the bottom of the screen. Select your black & white picture. And go ahead.

DeScratch: This tool helps to restore cracked, scratched images. Go to the “DeScratch” and select the scratched image. Tap on “Use It” and start the process.

Sketch: You can use this tool to turn your picture into a pencil drawing. Open this tool as you did with the other tools, select the desired image, and press “Ok” to start the drawing process.

GIF: Tap on Blink and select a photograph that you want to create a GIF. Significantly, the GIF is generated only for the face that looks clear and large, even if several people are in the photo you choose.

Save the image: Tap the export icon on the upper right corner to save your image.

Safety and Legality

It works on safe servers through cloud-based services. So your data is secure with the Remini APK. But, when you download the Remini APK file, Always Choose the official website to download the APK file because there are a lot of other apps created like the Remini app. This can lead to security issues. 

Remini Apk is an entirely legitimate application. If you use the Original APK file, then you will not have any legal issues. But if you are using another cracked version of Remini APK, some problems may occur.


What do Remini Apk pro cards do?

  • These Pro cards use for two features called “Enhance +” and “Enhance Video.” So each photo enhancing by these two features costs one pro card.

What do Remini Apk subscribers get?

  • Subscribers have the opportunity to use the “Enhance +” and “Enhance Video” features. Google Ads does not play while using the app. In addition, you get 5 Pro cards every month.

How can I delete my photos and videos in Remini Apk?

  •  Me > Erase All Content > Confirm.


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