SkyCrypt Allows Players To Compare Them Selves To Others In Game


SkyCrypt is a free open-source stats viewer for Hypixel SkyBlock and other Hypixel games.

This software allows players to view their stats, track their progress, and compare themselves to others.

SkyCrypt main image

SkyCrypt also has an easy-to-use interface with the ability to scale the size of the window and change its position on the screen.

Unique Features of SkyCrypt 

The Hypixel SkyBlock server is a great game for everyone, but it can be hard to keep up with the stats.

SkyCrypt is a free open-source stats viewer that runs on your phone, so you can see how you are doing while on the go.

When you enter into any world with this app, it will give your current score and how long it’s been since you last logged in.

All players are able to view their in-game stats, including but not limited to: total blocks mined, total time played, and total number of deaths.

SkyCrypt free add-on works with the latest release of Minecraft 1.12 and Hypixel’s newest SkyBlock map, released on 10/10/2018.

Features include like Stats for players, worlds, and servers- Player SteamID integration, so you can see how your friends perform on the map!

Statistics for all of your past worlds and a list of previous worlds on the server.

This tool has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use, so that viewers can quickly and conveniently view their different stats without having to navigate through pages of menus.

If you are a server owner, you can use this tool to better understand your viewership, as well as discover which players in your community have the most usage.

It’s written in HTML5 and JavaScript, so it works well on all modern browsers.

The project is open-source, so you can contribute to it.

SkyCrypt tool displays statistics in real-time and allows users to view the rank, points, blocks, and player’s name of everyone on the server.

It also supports viewing a player’s entire join history as well as their rank progression over time.



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