WhatsAuto APK v1.0.44 Download | Latest Version (4.3 MB)


WhatsAuto APK is an application that lets the user make a bot that automates the sending of messages to WhatsApp contacts and groups.

This app is a free app that is well matched with the other chatting applications. so, we can design a programmed reaction to any approaching message. As such, in the event that we are occupied, we just need to compose a message just saying like” me in a gathering”, “call you later “in order to make realize that you are unable to contact him at that particular time.


How to Download and Install WhatsAuto APK

WhatsAuto APK 1.0.44 Download [4.3MB]

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  1. First WhatsAuto apk should be downloaded.
  2. Then click and go to the device settings. open security settings and make a mark on the “Unknown sources” option. When you forget to do this instruction, an error message will pop out and block the installation.whatsauto latest version
  3. Next, go to the downloaded WhatsAuto APK. The downloaded file is available at the Downloads folder.whatsauto apk download
  4. Then, click the install option. You will see all the required access permissions just above the install option. By tapping on the install button, you agree with them all.whatsauto for android
  5. Now you have successfully installed the apk.

What is WhatsAuto Apk?

WhatsAuto APK is a free auto replying application for all social informing apps. If you are busy and hence you need to inform that you can’t chat now and if you set up a custom message, it will consequently answer to every single approaching message of any social chatting application. Chatting applications have become significant in today’s world. What’s more, some of the time we can’t deal with all the messages since we’re driving, in a gathering or busy in whatever way. In such a case, WhatsAuto APK is a perfect and brilliant worth application.

whatsauto apk


  • This application support all social chatting applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, twitter and etc.
  • Users can custom reply messages. This will send it all incoming messages
  • Plan a time for WhatsAuto APK to turn on and off automatically. As an example, this application will turn on automatically send replies to all incoming messages while driving.
  • Users have the chance to select the people who he is going to send the response.
  • It can secure the application by having a security lock.
  • Users can save the status and see in later without any worry if you are in a tight busy schedule.

Safety and Legality

This application is a safe and legal application that everybody can use.

Final Words

This application is an app that was developed to auto-reply for any chatting application which is widely used by many users. It is perfect for those who are in a busy lifestyle. The only thing they need to do is to customize a message and just click. Then automatically message will send to the responsible personalities. Download apk of this automatic reply app to WhatsApp right now and pay attention to all your contacts even when you are busy.


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