Happy Chick APK v1.7.9 Download | Latest Version (57.96MB)


Android users who are interested in playing games, now they have the latest opportunity as Happy Chick APK is freely available now.   This is a wonderful application that allows users to play classic games, and it will enable users to relive your favorite games on different platforms. So now, for Android users, this is a wonderful option for you.

happy chick apk

Download and install Happy Chick APK

Happy_Chick APK 1.7.9 Download [57.9MB]

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Happy Chick APK not included in the Google Play store. Here users have to download the application from a reliable website directly. This process is entirely free, and users have the freedom to download Happy Chick APK for their Android devices directly.

  1. Here as the first step, users have to enable unknown sources.happy chick apk latest version
  2. Then download the file.
  3. After that, you should go to your device download folder and tap on Happy Chick APK to begin the installation.happy chick apk download
  4. It takes a few seconds, and finally, you can complete the process after a few seconds.happy chick for android

The best quality of the application is, here it supports users in emulating any supported platform.  So now, with Happy Chick APK, it supports any console to download games. Through the application, users have the freedom to directly download games, that the operating system does not support earlier. Therefore while using the app, there is no need to use separate tools to complete the download process. When you download games through this application, here it supports users to find the available platforms for the game, and here you can select the most suitable game for you, and you always know that you are doing the right thing, it means you are downloading the right game.

More on Happy Chick APK

Happy Chick APK could able to emulate games for consoles in the market. Some of those consoles are PlayStation 1,  PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, MAME, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, PSP, and others. Likewise, it allows downloading Android games using their own servers. So this is the best way for users who are really in love with games and game playing.

This app supports you to quickly find games,  play with onscreen controls, adapt the screen, and play with any onscreen controls connecting with Bluetooth.

happy chick game emulator


Happy Chick APK comes with thousands of possibilities for its users. So this game emulator is a complete collection of games supportive with different platforms. By the way, here it supports for various generations including different types of home consoles, arcade devices,  mobile devices, and supporting ARCADE, DC, GBC, MAME, MD, SFC/SNES, WSC, FC/ES, GBA, N64, NDS, PS, PSP and many more.

  • Includes the comprehensive collection ( emulators and ROMs) 
  • Comes with over 10000 video games
  • Fully functional process 
  • No more searching for downloads 
  • The one-click command for download 
  • Easy to use rom catalogs 
  • Simple application 
  • Downloads available with free high bandwidth 
  • Netplay over Bluetooth, 3G, and WIFI 
  • Import/Export games 
  • Allows to save games 
  • Rich game resources.
  • Happy Chick allows users a perfect performance on their  Android gamepads.
  • Superfast internet download.
  • Exclusive emulator 
  • Supports  online multiplayer
  • It allows you to play using the same local area network among your friends.
  • Game download and play support at any time.


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