Airscreen APK Download | AirPlay & Cast & Miracast [45.71MB]


Airscreen is an advanced and widely popular streaming recipient.  Also this Airscreen for the airplay, cast, miracast, and for DLNA. Although the Airscreen is a cordless streaming recipient. By the application called Airscreen, the application allowed any user to receive photos, video, and media from laptops, tablets, and from the smartphone. Apart from that more other videos could be gained from via ethernet and from WiFi too. 

airscreen apk

Also by working with the Airscreen, the all app community could easily gain experience and joy by joining with the popular streaming receiver. Share what you have with others, especially with family and friends and all. Just similar to the other unique applications here the Airscreen even combined with more other unique features. By the following details identify clearly about the Airscreen. 

Wireless connection 

 As described in the previous paragraphs the Airscreen app is supportive to the other protocol of wireless streaming. Some of these wireless protocols have mentioned in the above. That always means the users can gain any media or anything by the wireless mode. 


Airscreen is an advanced app that is compatible with more operating systems. That means the community of the multiple platforms can easily use this app called the Airscreen app. Although apart from that any platform user would be capable of receiving media items from any device from any platform. 

Supportive of the wide range of applications 

Airscreen apps have the ability to take your experience into a very long area. The other apps even had the ability to perform with the Airscreen as a combination. Therefore don’t worry the user of the Airscreen would be capable of listening to songs, watching videos, and viewing Websites. Finally, to come to a conclusion, there are more apps kept up by Airscreen. Therefore don’t worry, you will meet with multiple media resources only for you. 

Convenient use 

Here the Airscreen is very easily used. There are two partners in the whole program. I mean the sender and the receiver. But fortunately, both of these parties don’t want to install the Airscreen app. Only one of them required the app. That is the receiver. It is sufficient. 

Screen recorder

This is a specific function that is only provided by the Airscreen app. You would worry about the app if there is any missing content. But no worries further. The screen recordings are for you. You wouldn’t miss any of your favorite content after joining the Airscreen. The screen recorder is enabled each time you use it. You won’t miss your favorites ever. 


While using such a widely used application certainly the user wants to be protected each and every time. Because there might be more chances of being violated by anyone. Don’t worry about that, if Airscreen with you. Your safety is always protected with the encoded data transmitter. Also, the network of the Airscreen is every time to keep away from the unauthorized access of data. All the facts here are only regarding the Airscreen app. It is an advanced app that everyone must try. Always the Airscreen performs its best always. 


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