Kika Emoji Keyboard 3.4.1769 Download | Latest Version (20.53 MB}


Kika Emoji Keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards for your smartphone. This is the best way to customize your smartphone on every aspect of typing experience for global users.

Rather than the default keyboard Kika Emoji Keyboard is something entertaining as it comes with new emoji collection, latest keyboard facility for adjusting keyboard size, and other plenty of fancy facilities.

kika emoji keyboard

How To Download and Install Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard 3.4.1769 Download [20.53MB]

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  1. At first download the APK file using above download Button.
  2. Also, you need to allow Unknown sources to your device.kika emoji keyboard latest version
  3. Then find the downloaded APK file and open it.kika emoji keyboard download
  4. After that, Use the directions on the screen to finish the installation.kika emoji keyboard android

To enjoy this latest opportunity here, you have to download and install Kika Emoji Keyboard first. Using this keyboard primary menu, users can access thousands of amazing themes, and within a single tap, it allows them to download them in a second. By the way, after all, this is the best way for a complete alteration to the style of your keyboard. Kika Emoji Keyboard comes with more facilities rather than themes. Here it allows users to download emojis, collection of stickers as well as different types of fonts.

What is Kika Emoji Keyboard?

This is the best way to get unlimited facilities on your smartphone keyboard. Kika Emoji Keyboard now allows all the Android users and iPhone users to download it freely. As mentioned above, this is a kind of fancy app that helps to make your messing’s amazing. Fortunately, Kika Emoji Keyboard supports users in popular social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp Messenger, Microsoft office tools, and SMS, etc.

When going through the application, we feel that this is the best keyboard for users with an elegant customer AI keyboard.  It supports over 8000 themes and as well as the latest AI technology, tons of emojis, the ability of auto-correction, latest font themes, grammar checker tool with custom facilities on keyboard.

kika emoji keyboard apk

The most important of the intelligence of  AI technology it supports for all input processes with checking the accuracy, to find grammatical errors and corrections, speed association, faster input methods, save users time, and this will be the most incredible typing experience for users. By the way, here AI keyboard allows copyright cooperation for themes, fonts, emojis, stickers, and other facilities. This is the best way to remove your stressful with refreshing change while typing.

kika emoji keyboard

To get all those keyboard facilities, users have to visit the app’s main menu. As well it supports through the keyboard itself. To enable those features in the keyboard, tap on the right corner. Now it opens to the menu, which permits to manage and customize the clipboard. Here you have the ability to change the keyboard look with quickly may other facilities.

More about  Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard comes with features that already included in recent keyboard apps. Those are the auto-capitalization process, auto spelling correct, auto-complete texts, phrase predictions, the latest facility to insert text to images and emotions.

Kika Emoji Keyboard’s latest update was released Oct 17, 2019. This is version 2.16.3, and it comes with the latest facilities for your Android and iPhone. The newest update is now available for iOS 13 supported devices, and it enables a dark mode facility. Then here, it improves functions and features with product experience while optimizing all the interface interactions. The latest update includes newbie themes, and it fixed all the earlier bugs while occur using the keyboard.

Features and Functions

This has a variety of features to make amazing your keyboard. So the developer added tons of features to it. Some of them are below listed.

Newbie Emoji Keyboard

This latest emoji keyboard allows in every app while typing. So if you installed it now, you can use it on SMS, Messenger, Email, Text, Notes, and more. While typing, you can send emojis and stickers.  It includes various types of fancy emojis, stickers, and text emoticons. The latest update consists of the newest emojis with the dictionary of emojis.

Sticker and GIF in Keyboard

This is another feature that you can use to send stickers, clipart as well as GIFs. While using social media, this will be a great benefit to you. Here you can select several animated Gifs, and you can choose them to send in a chat. There are photo GIFs, Emotion GIFs, and cat GIFs.

Various Keyboards.

Here Kika Emoji Keyboard comes in two major keyboard types. The first one is a custom keyboard, and the other one is a photo keyboard. Here users can easily customize the keyboard with different colors, fonts, and sounds while appearing on keys. This is the way that users can change the background of the keyboard with different themes, pictures, and galleries on the camera. This allows you to resize the keypad with different modes, and it will enable you to split the layout of the keyboard on your smartphone and tablet. 

Speedy typing

Using Kika Emoji Keyboard, it does not reduce the speed. It increases the rate of typing, and it supports slide inputs. So you can easily slide finger key for key swiftly.  The auto-correction of spellings, grammar, and word predictions make you more comfortable. Here it comes with easy voice typing as well on voice board.

How to use the Kika Emoji Keyboard on your Android smartphone and iPhone

  1. Open your device settings. 
  2. Tap on the related language you prefer to the user. Usually, “English” as common. You can find it from the “Personal” section. 
  3. Select the current keyboard from “Keyboard and input methods.”kika emoji keyboard set up
  4. Now tap on Kika Emoji Keyboard. Now select this as your primary keyboard.kika emoji keyboard install
  5. After that open message app.
  6. Select the conversation and then select the text field.kika emoji keyboard messages

Now you can see the keyboard appear. So enjoy your latest Kika Emoji Keyboard while chatting with your friends.

Is Kika Emoji Keyboard safe for further use?

This Kika Emoji Keyboard is freely available for download. Here now, it supports all Android smartphones and iPhone devices. While you install the app there, you can see and pop up a message asking for access permission to your device.  Then it says that this may collect your device date. This is a usual message that appears when installing any third-party application. So do not get upset, you can use this to transmit any type of data. This is safe.


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