Lumosity v2020.04.15.2110316 Download | Latest Version (87.5 MB)


Lumosity intellectual training program is an enjoyable, intelligent approach to prepare one’s brain and find out about brain functions.

Utilized by more than a hundred million individuals around the world, Lumosity’s program comprises of games based on science intended to practice memory, attention, speed, adaptability, and critical thinking. Start the Brain preparing activity with a ten-minute level test to set your beginning stage and perceive how you contrast with individuals of the same age. Lumosity premium will train with a custom program, open point by point investigation of how you play and get tips to improve your precision and speed.


How to Download and Install Lumosity

Lumosity 2020.04.15.2110316 Download [87.5MB]

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  1. At first, download Lumosity to your Android device.
  2. Then click and go to your Android device settings. Then open security settings and make that “Unknown sources” option to allow. If not you will get an error message that blocks the installation.lumosity latest version
  3. Next go to the downloaded Lumosity application. Find the app on the Downloads folder or Notification Panel.lumosity download
  4. After that, Click Install to start the installation process. All the permissions needed are on in the installer screen.lumosity for android
  5. Complete the installer. Then the app is on your app drawer.

What is Lumosity?

Lumosity gives an open, reasonable, adaptable, and drawing in client experience with the goal that routine intellectual practice can be handily coordinated into any person’s arrangement to continue great cognitive wellbeing.

lumosity apk

Lumosity’s free brain preparing program is an entertaining and intuitive approach to make an everyday propensity to pick up information and figure out how you think. This has more than a hundred million clients around the world. Lumosity gives a complete brain preparing program intended to test your basic reasoning, memory, and critical thinking aptitudes.

Lumosity incorporates various features that make it straightforward for a person to make and follow a customized intellectual preparing plan including a review evaluating mental requirements, reach to repeatable online assessments of mental capacities, following of relative mental qualities, shortcomings, and changes after some time, and a customized timetable of training updates, progress, and updates of the program.


  • Numerous Mind games are in which challenge the basic mental and academic capabilities. Such as Puzzle games, Memory games, Critical thinking games, Logical games, Games related to maths, Problem-solving games.
  • There are games with different training modes. Such as Games that carefully select for you, Games which use one’s workout habits and preferences to find various approaches to challenge the brain and new games that develop your training.
  • Users can know how much you have improved your intellectual skills. Users can know their shortcomings, strengths, and various cognitive patterns.

Safety and Legality

This app is safe to use. Any legal issues have not been recorded.

Final Words

Lumosity gives a set of engaging exercises that are industrially accessible to the general public for the scope of giving practice with a wide range of mental capabilities. This can be gotten to by means of web, or iOS or Android versatile applications. Lumosity has a very user-friendly website which is also easy to navigate.


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