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If you are using an Android Smartphone, then having an XAPK Installer on your Android devices is a must now. There are some XAPK Installer apps available on the market right now. So selecting a perfect installer for the task is a little bit harder. So here you will get a tip to find the best one for your device. It is none other than the XAPK Installer, which goes with the name itself. So download this app to your mobile phone and install it for installing XAPKs easily.

xapk installer

XAPK Installer Apps and What is the Best

There are a few other installers that can install XAPK files. They are Pure Apk Install, APKpure, up to Down Android, and APK Installer Pro. These are from the third-party Android stores. But the problem with them is you can use them if you download XAPK files from their Android store. Otherwise, you cannot install other XAPK files that are not from their store. So you need to find the best app and that is the XAPK Installer app. This is works on any file that come from any Android store. So you don’t have to find separate installers for separate stores. The best thing is you can get this app for free.

XAPK Installer App

XAPK Installer Apk is the latest tool that you can use to install Android XAPK files for any Android smartphone or device. Although you can install those files from different methods this is the most convenient way of installing them.

What are the XAPK Files?

You are familiar with the setup files or the exe files on the Windows PC. So the APK files in the Android system are like that. So these APK files give you the ability to install Android apps to the system without using the Play Store of Google. Most of the Android app’s assets are available in the APK files.

But the problem is with the larger apps and games. These apps are heavy in data sizes. So stuffing them into an APK file is hard. Therefore, most of the developers create APK files with low data and after you install it in the Android system you have to download the OBB files of the App separately via the app.

OBB files contain assets like Media and Graphic content. Games have the largest OBB files. You can install OBB files manually but it will cause errors if you do it incorrectly.

So as a solution for the above problem developers introduced the XAPK file extension. So these files contain both APK and OBB files and they are compressed as one file. But you cannot install them with your default Package Installer.

So you have to use XAPK Installer for the task. This app can easily install the XAPKs without any problem. So there will be no OBB installation errors anymore.

xapk installer download

XAPK Installer Download for Android

  1. The first step is to download the XAPK Installer Apk file for your Android smartphone.
  2. Then allow unknown sources on the settings to install this apk file. Or else you cannot proceed with the installation.
  3. After that find the downloaded file and open it.
  4. Complete the installation using the Android package installer.
  5. Then wait for a few seconds and you are ready to use the app.


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