Inshot APK – Free Video Editing App for Android and iOS


Inshot is one of the best mobile video editors that are available for free, and it has more than a whopping 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

The reason for that is this app offers some unique and pro-level set of features for its users to edit videos more efficiently and easily.

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An average user is looking for simplicity and how easy it is to use the application when it comes to video editing.

Therefore, Inshot Video Editor has provided you with one of the most simplified user interfaces so anyone can easily understand how to use this application.

Inshot comes with plenty of more advanced features and options, and some of the features of Inshot are discussed in detail below.

Why should you download Inshot over other mobile video editing apps?

Editing videos is one of the heaviest tasks a single processor can handle.

That’s why most commercial-level video editing software requires powerful PC or MAC computers in order to run this software smoothly.

Then Why you need a Vido Editor APP like Inshot? Let’s see

This costs money because building a powerful PC or buying MAC is expensive, and the video editing software that comes for it costs a considerable amount of money as well.

Therefore, it can be difficult for an average person to spend so much money on those tools that are mentioned above.

As a solution to this, there are so many video editing apps developed for mobile operating systems, which means you can use your mobile phone to run these applications without any difficulty.

Inshot video editor shines because even though it is a mobile application, it offers some pro-level features that only PC video editors offer their users.

Inshot video editor Features

  • Chroma key feature for green screen videos and changing the background.
  • Keyframe animation for text, PIP, and stickers as well.
  • Add any type of sound effects or music to your video.
  • Mixture option to blend your videos.
  • Plenty of color filters and color correction features with color adjustments.
  • Photo editor and photo collage maker.
  • Easy sharing option to share your videos to any social media site.
  • Add text and stickers to your videos.
  • Canva and background.
  • And Inshot App comes with all the basic functions of a video editor including video cutter, trimmer, slicer, splitter, joiner, merger, and so on.

And there are many more features as well, including

  • Easy-to-understand simplified user interface.
  • Dedicated version for PC operating systems as well.
  • Free do download and use.
  • Tips and tricks for better understanding how to use the app.

And many more features as well.

Directions to download the Inshot App

How to download on android devices?

You can easily download this app on Google Play Store.

If you want, the APK version of this app is also available on many websites.

How to download on IOS devices?

This app is easily available on the Apple App Store as well.

Windows and MAC?

For Windows operating system, you can download the Inshot video editor app on the Microsoft store.

For MAC users, this app is available on Mac App Store.


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