ToonApp – Best Cartoon Editor App for Android and iOS


ToonApp Cartoon Editor is one of the best photo editors that are available for mobile devices, which enables you to create a cartoon version of yourself with so many advanced, beautiful AI filters within seconds.

ToonApp Cartoon Editor

This application is simplified and easy to use with an advanced, user-friendly interface.

All the different tools and options are well organized in the application, so ToonApp is not going to put you through any hassle as other apps do.

Therefore, you won’t feel like that this is a photo editor when using this application because it’s so fun and entertaining to use this app, and that’s why there are more than one million downloads on Google Play Store alone.

What is Meant byToonyfying yourself with Apps Like ToonApp?

Internet and social media are full of new trends and challenges that come and go from time to time.

There are a lot of challenges and trends that have become very popular among social media users apart from conversations.

Social media users are very curious and interested in trying these new trends, and they become viral because of that.

Making yourself a cartoon character With ToonApp is one of these social media trends that went viral among people.

This is done by turning your photo into a cartoon character and uploading it to your social media.

Even though there were many caricature apps, ToonApp became the number one app to cartoonify photos.

However, turning your photos into cartoons was not easier when the trend became viral for the first time.

Because, this involved a complicated process.

When the photo you want to be edited requires different types of advanced software like Adobe illustrator.

This was a really complicated process, and it required some level of graphic design knowledge to get the job done.

This was when the ToonAPP became very popular among people because this is one of the best applications that allows you to create a cartoon photo of yourself with a few easy taps.

ToonApp Features

Anime character with a big head

You can easily convert your photos into an anime-like character with a big head, and this challenge became popular on Instagram.

After creating your anime character, you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag “bigheadchallange”.

Unique Ai cartoon photo editor in ToonApp

There are so many advanced AI filters that are included in the app, which can give you a beautiful cartoon photo of yourself.

Trendy drip effect that is very popular

Drip effects have become popular, and ToonApp application has a library full of these kinds of trendy effects that can be applied to your photos with a few taps.

Apart from these, there are other features such as,

Plenty of background layouts.

Vector art creation.

Toon of selfie camera effects.

And all the basic features of a photo editor such as cropping, rotating, brightness adjusting, and many more.

How to download this ToonApp?

For android users, this application is easily available on Google Play Store.

For IOS, you can also get this app on Apple App Store easily.


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