ES File Explorer v4.2.1.9 Download | Latest Version (20.14 MB)


ES File Explorer is a great application to manage files and programs. It offers a range of extra features including a tool to disable running applications, FTP clients so you can use it on both your mobile device and PC and direct cloud drive storage.

This app allows all Android users to easily handle all their files, be able to access and upload everything on their mobile devices if they so wish. So, it’s even easier to upload photos, watch movies, and maintain your 3G link. When you work with your files, you’ll have the typical options that you’re used to on desktop computers like copying, pasting, cutting, creating, deleting, and renaming. And you can send files to someone by email as well.

es file explorer

How to Download and Install ES File Explorer

ES File_Explorer Download [20.14MB]

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  1. First, download the ES File Explorer.
  2. Then click settings and go security settings and turn on unknown sources. Because as this is a third-party app, the unknown option should always be file explorer apk latest version
  3. Open the downloaded APK file explorer download
  4. Then click the install file explorer for android
  5. Now it is successfully installed.

What is ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is a fully functional, local and networked file manager. With more than 50 million users around the world, This app lets to efficiently and effectively manage your android phone and files and share files without the cost of data.

es file explorer apk


  • The software offers advanced settings and can be tailored for almost every situation. For the majority of users, the level of control will not be needed, and ES File Explorer will manually configure it all for them.
  • All file forms, including text, images, videos, and MP3s, can be handled. Your systems can also be controlled by you. Install the software, switch installation from place to place and back up apps, etc.
  • The application also helps you to track processes and provides you with detailed information on how many resources a device uses.
  • The music player can search and arrange music and mp3 files on your computer and android. For ES File Explorer you can play your music in the background.
  • You can also use this to categorize and construct shortcuts for your applications. It can do stuff like instantly hiring an app from the cloud when you ask for a non-existent app
  • It also includes a cache manager and an auto-start manager and provides a full in-time log on what is going on your computer when an app is installed.

Safety and Legality

ES File Explorer app has no bugs or lacks security. It doesn’t have any legal issues too. Then you don’t need to fear viruses and other things that are unwanted.  In this application, there is no chance of revealing your private.

Final Words

ES file management is a popular Android file management system that is considered to be one of Google Play Android’s best resource management tools. It is a file and program manager that has free complete functions. ES File Explorer allows to quickly and securely navigate your Android phone and files. It has many great features. Make your work easy with this trending app.


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